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Organizing Your Scrapbook Paper – Cardstock & Scraps

I finally have a system in place that I love for organizing my scrapbook paper and scraps!  Previously, I was using these Cropper Hopper Scrap Storage envelopes and had one for each color family. (updated: Since these are out of stock at Amazon, here’s a link to Joann’s.) After seeing Jennifer Payami’s system on Pinterest (no longer available) I decided to update my system.  I use only Close to My Heart cardstock now.  It’s simpler because I am familiar with the colors and I love the weight and white core.  Here’s how it turned out:

Organization for Cardstock

This system organizes all of your cardstock and scraps together, making it easy to use and find exactly what you need.

Create labels:

I cut the labels for the front of the boxes out of my CTMH Idea Book.  (updated: As colors change, I remove theses labels and update with new ones, applying with double-stick tape.) For the most part each group fits in a box.  One or two are a bit tight but I’m stocked up on cardstock now so that will change as I use some of it up.  The basic colors (not pictured) take up two boxes because I have more of those and I have one scrap storage envelope for each color.  For the rest (seen above), I have two colors in each scrap storage envelope with the color separated with a divider.  So the scraps for the first color are kept in the front pocket and scraps for the second color are kept in the back pocket.  Scraps larger than 6×12 are kept in the front of that color.

Here’s a picture of the labels:

It can be difficult to differentiate between similar colors and this system has solved that problem.  Before I would have to dig for scraps because I only had them separated by color family.  Now with each color in it’s own place it is very quick and easy to find exactly what I need!  Dh saw what I was doing and said it looked too organized…what’s that!?! ūüôā

If you want to do something like this, the holders often go on sale at Joann’s.  You can see them well on Amazon.  They come 3 to a pack.  The larger holders and dividers are sold separately.

What I use for added scraps:

Here is a picture of the envelopes that I use, pink is the front and blue is the back.  It holds 12×12 paper and there is a pocket in both the front and back that is 6×12 where I keep scraps.  I put a tabbed divider in the middle to label the paper name.  The second tab is on the envelope.  Seems like the correct term is “paper file” like these on Amazon but they don’t have the pocket for scraps.  I’d try Joann’s since they have this bundle online.  They may sell more separately in the store.  I have 6 envelopes in each holder.

Organizing paper scraps

This system organizes all of your cardstock and scraps together, making it easy to use and find exactly what you need.

Stamp Sunday #6 – Organizing Your Stamps

No artwork this week but I wanted to show you how I organize my stamp sets.  If you have more than a handful, it is very helpful to have some type of system that works for you.  This is what works for me.

The first thing I do when I get a new stamp set is to make a copy of it. ¬†I put the carrier sheet with the stamps right on the copier. ¬†Just make sure that you don’t lose any stamps doing this. ¬†If you don’t get a clear image then take the stamps off and copy just the carrier sheet. ¬†*If the copied image does not have the name of the stamp on it make sure to write it on the sheet. ¬†By doing this I can flip through the book to find a specific image. ¬†So many stamp sets have a variety of images that fit different categories that I wouldn’t find without this or I’d have to pull out the stamps. ¬†(Example: a flower set would go under flowers but it might have a sentiment/word on it.)

These printed sheets go into a 3-ring binder which is sorted by category. ¬†You can use whatever works best for you. ¬†My current categories are: Alphabets, Sentiments, Flowers, Misc. ¬†Within the misc. section I have birthday, borders, and other themes together. ¬†I plan to update this with more dividers like kids, birthday, animals, borders, backgrounds, etc. ¬†Right now those stamps are together, I just don’t have a tab for easy reference.

Then the actual stamp sets themselves are stored in alphabetical order. ¬†So I can look through my book to find a stamp and and look up the set by the name of it. ¬†This also allows me to quickly access stamp sets that I use often and know the names of off the top of my head. ¬†You will see I also have the drawers labeled. ¬†There is really no reason for this other than to keep my drawers in order when I pull them out. ¬†I thought about marking which drawer each stamp set was in but because I have so many stamp sets that come and go I didn’t want to bother with this because some may move to different drawers and I felt it was too time consuming to keep up with a system like that.

This My Acrylix Organizer also works well if you have a smaller amount of stamps.  These also stack well on top of each other.

Once you have a system in place you need to use it and keep it updated.  Every time I get a new stamp set, I need to remember to photocopy it and add it to my book.  Every time I get rid of a stamp set, I need to remember to take the copy out of my book.

I hope this has helped you and maybe given you some ideas. ¬†The main thing is to find something that works best for you so that you are using your stamps and not just letting them sit because you don’t know what you have.

Update: In answer to Juliana’s question, the only Close to My Heart stamp sets that I have that don’t have names are the ones that come in the Workshop Kits and I think their technically called by the name of the workshop so that’s what I use. ¬†I write the name (ex. Pemberley) with permanent marker on the envelope where the name would normally appear. ¬†I do the same with the Stamp of the Month sets, they are sorted by name. ¬†I don’t mark these as SOTM because they sometimes show up in a later Idea Book as a regular stamp set. ¬†The few stamps I have that are not CTMH are stored in a basket on top of my tower. ¬†This is as far as this organization goes because it’s easy enough to look through them and I know from the copy in my binder that they are non-CTMH.

Organizing photos and scrapbook layouts

I think I have finally figured out a system that is improved and complete. ¬†Since I have been doing it this way for awhile (with¬†tweaking along the way) I thought I would share with you. ¬†In the past I have ended up doubling up on photos and layouts and if I had a layout without journaling (not my favorite thing) I wouldn’t know who’s book the layout was supposed to go in.

First, I go through my digital photos on the computer and determine which ones I will print. ¬†I make books for each of the kids and a family set so I go through my pictures with one book in mind at a time. ¬†So I would go through and pick out all the photos I want to scrapbook for my family book. ¬†I copy these photos into a folder on my desktop that is labeled “photos to print – delete when done”. ¬†Inside that folder I have a family one and one for each of the kids. ¬†As photo deals come up, I upload from this folder. ¬†Once uploaded, I move them to another folder (ex. Walgreens). ¬†I know these prints are on the way and within the Walgreens folder they are still sorted into family, kids, so I know where they belong. ¬†Once I receive the prints, I refer back to these folders and from here they go into a photo box with tabs labeled the same as my computer folders (family, kids). ¬†They are filed in the back and I work the oldest (front) pictures first.

Photo Box to store sorted pictures

From the photo box, I will take out a set of pictures and either make a page or create a page kit. ¬†My page kits will consist of pictures, paper, embellishments, and a sketch. ¬†I have 12×12 boxes to hold the page kits. ¬†Once again, these boxes are all labeled the same (family, kids)¬†keeping my system consistent. ¬†The boxes are then filled with pages to scrap or take to a crop. ¬†Once the pages are complete, I write on the back of the page which book it belongs in.

12x12 boxes used to store page kits

Next, I have 3-ring binders for each set of books (family, kids).  Completed pages go in these books and when they are filled I move them to a post-bound album.

Storage for completed pages before they go in post-bound albums

I used to have all my pages¬†chronological¬†by photo dates. ¬†This was a lot of work so I’ve gotten a little slack with this and now just put them in the book as I scrapbook them. ¬†Since I do the oldest photos first and work my way to the current I figure it’s close enough.

Embellish…your storage drawers

I bought these drawers at Michael’s. ¬†Dh was putting them together when I came up with the idea to decorate the front of the drawers. ¬†I made him stop and I covered them with paper before they were put together (much easier!). ¬†Since the photo, I’ve added rhinestones to the top of the screws and I still need to make labels. ¬†The papers are CTMH Tickled Pink (a special kit from awhile back).

Get Organized Blog Hop

I got together with a group of friends to bring you this blog hop and share ways that we organize our scrapbooking supplies.  We hope that these ideas will help and inspire you to get more organized yourself.  Scrapping is definitely easier when you can find your tools and supplies!  My post is focusing on organizing your stamps.

I found this set of drawers at Lowe’s that works perfect to store my CTMH stamps. ¬†Unfortunately, I don’t think they carry it anymore. ¬†You could do something similar with any drawers or I also like to keep my stamps in baskets like at the top of the picture. ¬†Baskets are fun and come in many shapes and sizes and it is easy to flip through the stamp sets.

I have my stamps sorted alphabetically by name.  This makes it quick and easy to pull out the ones I use often and know by name.

Something else I do is flip the stamp set around in the envelope so the images face the front. ¬†With my current system it doesn’t matter much but before I had my stamps cataloged this made it easy to flip through them and see the images. ¬†The easier they are to see, the easier they will be to find and use!

The best part of my stamp organization process is my binder where I have made a catalog of all my stamps. ¬†When I used wooden stamps I actually stamped all the images (this is a lot of work) but for my acrylics I just lay the stamp set on my scanner and print. ¬†I do one set per sheet because as a consultant I go through a lot of stamps and do a lot of buying and selling. ¬†This system is easy to keep updated. ¬†My previous catalog I had the stamps on 6×6 cardstock pieces and they were on the front and back. ¬†That was hard to update. ¬†In my new catalog I just make a copy and add when I get a new stamp set and I toss the sheet when I get rid of one. ¬†When choosing the categories for your own catalog, think about how you search for stamps and what you have in your collection. ¬†My categories are Alphabets, Sentiments, Flowers, Holiday, Misc. ¬†I have a flowers section because it’s an obsession. ¬†You may not have this issue ūüôā but you may have a shapes or backgrounds section instead or in addition to some of the categories I have.

Other ideas:
For wooden stamps you can store them in short drawers so you can see all the images.  I used this system before I went to all acrylic.  I had an iris cart and the stamps were laid out in the drawers so I could open a drawer and easily see all the stamp images.  I had each drawer organized and labeled by category.

Good luck and I hope you find an organizational style that suits your needs.  What works for one person may not work for the next but the one thing that holds true for us all is that we work better when organized!

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