Stamp Sunday List

Here is a list of the stamp sets that I have featured on my Stamp Sunday posts as well as a direct link to each post.  All stamp sets are by Close to My Heart.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these stamps, you can visit My CTMH Website.  This was done in 2012 so many of the earlier stamps are retired as noted but I will leave the list up as a reference and source for ideas.  Because this really made me get some great use out of my stamps I am considering doing it again.

1. E1025 Rock Around the Block (special) (retired)
2. C1455 Aspire  (retired)
3. B1368 Baby Love  (retired)
4. D1407 Piece of Cake  (retired)
5. B1398 Just For You
6. Organizing Your Stamps
7. E1013 Field Trip Alphabet  (retired)
8. S1202 Thoughtful Tidings (Feb. 2012 SOTM)  (retired)
9. C1494 Card Word Puzzle
10. D1502 Look Who’s…
11. S1203 Potential (March 2012 SOTM)  (retired)
12. B1409 My Peeps  (retired)
13. E1021 Trinity Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
14. E1019 Bohemian Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
15. D1499 Live Your Style (retired)
16. D1401 Authentic (retired)
17. E1016 Friendship Alphabet Large & C1401 Friendship Alphabet Small (retired)
18. D1283 Say It In Style (retired)
19. C1440 Take a Picture (retired)
20. E1022 Hero Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
21. A1116 A Melody (retired)
22. D1482 Love Life
23. C1486 Lucy (Workshop) (retired)
24. C1429 Party Pennants  (retired)
25. D1386 Save the Date – English (retired)
26. D1384 Snow Flurries (retired)
27. E1002 Rustic Alphabet (retired)
28. E1015 Cocktail Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
29. E1010 Chocolate Alphabet Large & D1296 Chocolate Alphabet Small (Large retiring F/W 2013)
30. A1120 Quick Cards – Butterfly
31. C1501 A New Arrival
32. A1121 A Blossom
33. D1491 Hooray Bouquet
34. D1469 Polka Dot Alphabet
35. A1123 Adore
36. E1020 Token Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
37. D1195 The Works Alphabet (retired)
38. D1476 Card Chatter – Sympathy
39. C1459 Stitched Together
40. D1527 Perfect Fit – Frames
41. C1463 Harvest Happiness
42. C1467 Sweet Moments
43. C1441 Affection
44. D1480 Snowflakes
45. E1014 Posterboard Alphabet (retiring F/W 2013)
46. C1450 Eclectic Edges (retired)
47. C1511 Love Blooms (retiring F/W 2013)
48. C1456 Heartfelt Treasures (retired)
49. D1520 Ornamental Cheer
50. B1409 Pirouette