This project ended up taking some time to complete but it was worth it! I used a lot of the pieces as they came in the kit and then added my own extra elements to make it Disney theme.

I used the CTMH Home Kit, which is the January papercrafting special in addition to Cricut cuts and some of my own embellishments.

TIPS: I used shimmer brush around the outsides of all the pieces. I would not recommend this unless you are going to take the extra time to seal everything. I ended up getting some of the black from the edges on my fingers (due to the glue) when I was attaching the top pieces and had to “fix” some of the circles by adding sparkles. The outsides already have a finished look so I would skip this step for the extra work and issues.

Here are all the interchangeable pieces:

And here’s the final piece (my favorite) on the frame:

This is an alteration of the Home Sweet Home special which you can purchase here through February 28, 2021 (while supplies last).


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