This is Part 3 of my SMASHBOOK, weight loss and family.

Ways to be more active.

My weight loss goals and motivation.

Motivational quotes with room for more.

To be completed when I reach my weight loss goal (yeah for me!)

Gotta love this one, my honey-do list.

Healthy, low-point snacks I like.

Motivational quotes with a little room for more.

This starts the family section with things to do as a couple.  This paper so reminds me of doodling in school (not that I wasn’t paying attention!).

I have my older girls (ages 13 & 11) each a page to do.  Christine’s “take driver’s ed” scares me!

Of course, my toddler needed her own page too!

Games are very popular at our house.  I love board games and think they are a great way to spend time as a family.

More family-time ideas, need to come up with more.

Come back for the final of my book.  If you missed some of it, you can scroll down for Part 1 and Part 2.


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