A New World of Colors

Close to My Heat has slimmed down their color palette for a total of 42 colors.  The colors are now divided into four groups of ten plus white daisy and colonial white. The two whites are available in cardstock, inkpads, and reinkers.  All of the additional colors also have markers sets and NEW pigment inks!  Pigment inks are available in sets of ten mini pigment cubes – one collection for each color grouping.  

Kit exclusive colors: A number of the new paper packets have colors included that are exclusive to those kits. That does mean that those exclusive colors are not available to purchase as individual cardstock or inks.  They are ONLY available in that kit.  Not to worry because there are plenty of other colors in the kit, including neutrals, that can be used for the ink colors and extra cardstock.  This allows us a splash of trendy color without investing a lot into it!

New Alcohol Markers: With the retirement of our current markers, we knew there would be something great as a replacement.  We have a brand new collection of alcohol markers that are sold in pairs, one base color and one shade (either lighter or darker) for each of our 40 colors.  These markers have rigid (not soft) tips and can be blended to create a huge variation of colors.  No special paper is needed.  Note: Marker Sets found in the Whimsy and Enchantment color palettes are expected to be available August 8.  Marker sets found in the Adventure and Basic color palettes are expected to be available on August 15.


Here is an explanation of dye inks and pigment inks:

Dye Ink: Dye inks are produced in such a way that they can achieve a broader and more vivid range of colors than pigment inks. Dye inks absorb directly into the paper or fabric that they are applied to, so the ink color blends more easily with the material it is used on. As an example, if you stamp a yellow dye-based ink onto bright blue paper, the stamped image will appear green.

Pigment Ink: In contrast, pigment inks have larger particles so that they “settle” on the top of paper and fabrics instead of soaking into and blending with the color of the material they are applied to. This is why Close To My Heart currently offers White Daisy, Colonial White, and Vanilla Cream as pigment-based inks, since this property allows those pale colors to appear opaque on colored or bright papers. (Depending on how thickly you apply the pigment ink to your project, it may take a few stampings to get a solid true-color on your project.) Pigment inks take longer to dry.  I would recommend leaving them overnight to dry or better yet, heat set them with a Craft Heater.

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