I don’t normally post without sharing some art but I’ve just got to tell you about yesterday. My goal was to try out Copic markers after my recent struggles with coloring. My first stop was the local scrapbook store. I honestly don’t know how they make it. I only make it there once or twice a year due to their high prices but I tend to go when I’m looking for something specific. They seem to have the same stuff year after year. I walked around, check the marker area, and didn’t find anything so I asked. Both gals at the registers had no idea what I was talking about and had obviously never heard of Copic. Now from my past experience this didn’t really surprise me. But it did disappoint me. I think they should at least be familiar with what is happening in their industry. So my next stop was Hobby Lobby. BTW I live in the Midwest so my shopping options are limited. I looked around the scrapbooking section and was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t find anything I “needed”. As I was walking away I realized I didn’t see any markers so they were probably in the art section. As I was headed that way a male worker asked if I was finding what I was looking for. Well, no but I wasn’t sure he would be any more help. It never hurts to ask though. Funny thing was he knew exactly what I wanted and lead me straight to them. I just think how sad is that that the guy at HL knows more than the two gals as the scrapbook store!  Hobby Lobby had a very limited selection for $6.49 each but I bought one with my 40% off coupon and fell in love so I will be checking online today.  Maybe I’ll have some creative work to share later.  We are once again getting more snow and the kids are getting out early and I’m planning on a full day at home and every intention to scrapbook the day away!

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