15-ai-pml-georgieThe Picture My Life Scrapbooking Programs now feature both 4×6 and 3×4 cards.  Each card has the same design on both sides with one side configured horizontally and the other vertically.  Also available are 2 new overlay card sets, one in gold & silver and the other in black.15-ai-pml-layout

15-ai-pml-georgie-cards 15-ai-pml-going-places-cards

15-ai-pml-black-overlay-cards 15-ai-pml-beautiful-you 15-ai-pml-beautiful-you-cards15-ai-pml-gold-and-silver-cards


And this Christmas set is great for a quick holiday album or use them to make your own Christmas cards!

15-he-pml-christmas 15-he-pml-white-pines

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