Changes to Studio J

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better!  Effective July 13, 2012 there are some amazing new changes to Studio J.  See the list below for all the details and contact me if you have any questions.  You will be amazed!

* No more memberships!  Close to My Heart is retiring Studio J memberships.  All kits and patterns are now available to all users.

* Free jpegs with the purchase of a physical layout.  Or purchase just the jpeg, no minimum purchase.  If you purchase physical layouts there is a minimum of four and a maximum of 50.

* New pricing!  Non-member layout price has be LOWERED from $13.00 to $6.95!  And the non-member jpeg only price has been lowered to $2.95!  Those with memberships will still be able to purchase layouts for $6.50 through September 30, 2012.

* Page protectors are no longer included with Studio J layouts.  Previously, shipping was $5.95 for up to 20 layouts + page protectors.  Now without the page protectors, shipping is still $5.95 but for up to 50 layouts .

* 5-Packs used to be $55, now they are only $39.95!  There will no longer be page protectors with the 5-pack but shipping is still included in the price.

* Studio J orders can now be applied to gatherings and hostess rewards!

* Express Collections!   Log into Studio J now to check these out!  The Close to My Heart professional art studio team as created 6 beautiful collections where all you have to do is drag and drop in your photos and add journaling.  These layouts are fully embellished and finished.  Choose layouts from one collection or you can mix them with layouts from different collections, or even layouts of your own creation all in one project.

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