I use title pages to divide up my books.  I organize my pages in chronological order.  The title pages serve as a marker for myself and those that look through my books.  It also saves me the worry of fitting so many pages in a book.  I use 3D-ring binders so the pages can be easily moved around, added, and removed.  When I fill a book I just start on the next one, instead of having one book specifically for 2007 and another for 2008 and overfilling them or running out of room.  Title pages can be very simple and are a fun way to use up embellishments and paper that you’ve been struggling to find a use for.

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Kellie · 09/09/2009 at 8:55 am

I never thought about doing title pages – that’s an awesome idea. I tend to not scrap in chronological order, but put my pages in order in books – title pages would be an awesome way of separating things a little better, sorta like chapters. Cool. Thanks for the tip.

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