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*MY* Ribbon Purse

It’s called a ribbon purse.  I saw something like this while browsing online and decided I could easily make my own.  Of course, I wanted to try it RIGHT NOW.  Luckily for me I found this plastic purse in my daughter’s room and was able to borrow the Big Bite from a friend.  I almost forgot to take a before picture so you can see here that I have already prepped the purse by using a permanent marker to mark where I wanted to punch my holes.

It was a bit tricky to punch near the bottom of the purse but with a little twisting I got the job accomplished.  If you try this I would suggest planning a break because my hand was sore when I was finished from holding the Big Bite (not because it’s hard to punch but because I was holding it upright with the purse wrapped around and underneath it).  Next was the really fun part of stringing all my ribbons through the holes.  I used the 1/8 size hole punch and I like that size.  Most of my ribbons are 3/8 inch wide and they are snug so they won’t fall out but it’s still easy enough to pull them through.  if the majority of your ribbon is over 1/2 inch I would suggest using the 3/16 hole.  I would recommend to start stringing them in the bottom of the purse first and let them hang out until you are finished filling all the holes.  Like this:

Next stuff all the ribbons in the purse and zip it up.  Here is the finished product:


This tiny purse holds A LOT of ribbon!  I emptied a large jar and a drawer.  It’s great because it will hang on a doorknob, like my closet so now I have my ribbons out in the open where I can see them and they are more likely to get used rather than forgotten.

Side note: I saw the actual ribbon purse in my local scrapbooking store yesterday by Your Pictured Memories.  I didn’t look at the price but it came empty so I’m sure that it was much more reasonable than the one I saw online.  It is bigger than I thought and if my little homemade one holds all that it does I can’t imagine the amount you could put in this one.  I am tempted to go back and check the price and get it!

Organizing Your Photos (Part 4)

Now that you have your pictures all sorted we need to do something with them.  Your challenge this week is to print some of those photos, or order prints.  There are many online printing places that offer reasonable prices, just watch the shipping.  I print most of my own at home but I often print many at once because it’s just easier that way and then I have them ready to scrap whenever I need them.

(Monday 11/3) Organizing Your Photos (Part 3)

Your challenge this week is to backup all those photos that you now have organized.  I can tell you from experience that one if the worst feelings is the one you have when you think you have lost all your photos.  There are many options here – online storage, CDs, external harddrive, etc.  Whatever you chose, make a point to do it this week.  It will give you peace of mind and there may come a time when you will be very glad you did this.

Organizing Your Photos (Part 2)

Because it can be time consuming to organize all your digital photos, your challenge this week is to continue with this project from last week.  As you are going through your pictures don’t be afraid to delete some of the unnecessary ones – duplicates, many of the same shot, poor lighting, eyes closed, and just plain bad pictures.  When we switch to digital we often end up taking way more pictures than we need in hopes of getting the perfect shot – just keep the good one (or a couple) and delete the rest.

Organizing All Those Photos!

Today we will start a 4-week segment on getting those photos ready for your scrapbooks.  These days most of us have switched to digital photography and that’s what this is all about.  With that change comes a need for more organization.  It’s very easy to let those photos pile up and get out of control and it becomes impossible to find what you are looking for when you need it.  Your challenge this week is to find a system that works for you for sorting those photos on your computer and to begin to use it.  When I first started I used a folder system with main folders like family/friends, and folders beneath those for each person.  For that last couple years I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements.  There are many to chose from so I encourage you to shop around but I have been very happy with this program.  I now have my photos automatically sorted by date and red-eye removed when they are imported into the program.  My work is to “tag” each photo.  I will say it takes time if you are starting with 1000+ photos but once you get your initial ones posted it’s just a matter of keeping up.  I have people, places, and event tags.  So a vacation picture of my family would be tagged with each family member and Walt Disney World (or wherever we went).  What I love about this is as I am doing a scrapbook for one child I just click on their name and it separates out all the photos with that child in them.  This also comes in handy if a relative asks “do you have any photos of Grandpa?”  I just click on Grandpa’s name and it shows all the photos with him in them.  This can be done for multiple people as well.  If I want pictures of my entire family I select all of them and it will give me the pictures with everyone.  The timeline allows me to go to any date quickly.  See what’s out there, pick something that will work for you, and get started!