I have been busy going through things in my craft room and have finally completed my paper organizing! My paper is stored in this cabinet that I bought years and years ago at I think Shopko of all places and I cannot believe that it has held up over time, especially with the weight of all that paper!

First, I emptied out the entire cabinet. Next, I sorted through the paper – deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. As I progressed, I needed to purchase a few more supplies. I am switching to sleeves to see how I like them. They probably won’t hold up great but I like how they slide so easily into and out of the holders.

These additionel holders were found on Amazon and are similar to what I had previously. I haven’t decided if I like that they are wider (which means heavier) but I do like that the back is shorter. My old holders were a tad too tall for my top shelf but these worked great! I simply hand-wrote on the labels with the name of the paper for any future reference.

As a former Close to My Heart Maker, I have primarily CTMH cardstock. My cardstock is now all sorted by rainbow color and it looks so pretty! Patterned paper is sorted by brand (just what works for me). Kits and stacks are together at the bottom. Since I have transitioned over to Stampin’ Up! I do have one section reserved for those papers and new product.

Now that my paper organizing is complete, it’s time to start scrapbooking and using it up!

Supplies I used were:
12-inch Vinyl Record Sleeves
Vertical Paper Storage Holders
Avery Labels 8167


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