Fundamentals are a great choice and give you a range of colors perfect for any variety of crafting projects.

ed88fda9-8196-4cf4-aaa7-ceadad1fd6f1The Paper Fundamentals include 20 double-sided 12×12 sheets (2 each of 10 designs) in each of the color families.  The design is the same on both sides with one side in a glossy pattern.

8439bf67-1447-4697-9c70-90fcddba26beThe Sticker Packs are available in each of the color families also and each includes four 12×6 sheets in four designs (alphabets, titles, labels, and icons).

bd0809c2-c517-40eb-9940-841bc825c11bThe Fundamental Assortments are available in a variety of colors and each include 6 wooden stickers, 6 paper bows with gold or silver foil patterns, 8 plastic clips, and a 6×6 sheet of glitter stickers.

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