Roadside find turned Dress-up Station!

I think this can be considered crafty since I did use my scrapbook supplies!

Dress-up Station by Wendy Kessler

Filled with fun stuff:Dress-up Station by Wendy KesslerBefore:

Dress-up Station by Wendy Kessler
I have been looking for something (bookshelf, armoire, etc.) to make into a dress-up station for my 4 year old.  I found this entertainment center for free on the side of the road during our citywide rummage sales and knew it would be perfect!  It is custom-built and quite heavy, which didn’t give me many options for modifications but it will hold up well for kids.  I started with a coat of Zinsser primer, then covered with a coat of purple paint/primer, and finished with a clear spray.  The Sofia buckets were leftover from Easter buckets and I found the mirror on a rummage sale for $1 (which I painted).  I had to dig into my scrapbook stash for the letters.  I thought 1.49 each for wooden letters that were broke in the store were not a good option.  First I painted the chipboard letters with pink, then covered them with Liquid Glass and covered completely with glitter (a variety from my stash).  Once dried (I let them sit overnight) I tapped off the excess glitter and coated with the clear spray that I used earlier.  I also used the Liquid Glass to adhere them to the top of the station.  I am still going to add a couple white baskets that I found at Michael’s but I am waiting for a sale.  The pink and white baskets on the bottom are from Hobby Lobby.

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