14-ss-balloonride-level-3Supplies needed for this project:

D1581 My Creationsâ„¢ Give a Lift
X7180B Balloon Ride Paper Packet
X7180C Balloon Ride Complements
X5643 Chocolate Cardstock
1388 Colonial White Cardstock
X5751 Sorbet Cardstock
Z2160 Twilight Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2165 Juniper Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2118 Desert Sand Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2164 Sorbet Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2137 Olive Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2135 New England Ivy Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2196 Smoothie Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2117 Crystal Blue Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2162 Honey Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2194 Sky Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2167 Crème Brulee Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2111 Chocolate Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Pad
Z2503 Basics Exclusive Inksâ„¢ Mini Pigment Pads Set
Z1865 Designed Décor Colonial White Frame
Z3003 Balloon Ride Assortment
Z1959 Base & Bling Storyteller Charms
Z1825 Keyboard Kraft Alphabet
Z1933 Ruby Chevron Washi Tape
Z1921 Baker’s Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment
Z1935 Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles
Z1906 Cricut® Artbooking Collection
Z1686 Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut Craft Room®
Cricut® Shapes:
1 1/2″ RDS Icon <f> (p. 61)
4 12″ RDS Photo Mat 1 <Snow> (p. 76)
1 3/4″ <font> “Claire”
4″ RDS Shift+Border <A> (p. 58)
1 1/4″ RDS Shift+Border <D> (p. 60)
Cricut Craft Room® H-3.833″ RDS
Shift+Overlay <$> (weld 2 together, p. 41)
Cricut Craft Room® H-.75″ RDS Shift+Photo
Mat 2 <Chillin> (use Hide Contour button to hide the inside of the frames, p. 76)
Art Philosophy
2 1/4″ and 2 1/2″ <Banner2> (cut 6 each, p. 29)
2 1/4″ Accent 2 <g> (cut 2, p. 55)
1 1/4″ Accent 1 <p> (cut 5, p. 50)
1 1/4″ Shift+Accent 1 <P> (cut 5, p. 50)


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