The final of the retiring (stamps):

A1132 Family Stamp A

A1133 Festival of Lights Stamp A

B1372 Circle Together Stamp B

B1395 So Grateful Stamp B

B1396 School Rocks Stamp B

B1405 Rugged Dude Stamp B

B1406 Blessings of Peace Stamp B

B1410 A Friend Like You Stamp B

B1414 Bonjour Stamp BC1438 Tea Time Stamp C

C1461 Salutation Seals Stamp C

C1466 Instant Memories Stamp C

C1505 Pun Fun Stamp C

C1507 Angelic Blessings Stamp C

C1508 Paisley Flair Stamp C

C1511 Love Blooms Stamp C

C1520 Christmas Joy Stamp C

D1187 For Every Occasion Stamp D

D1388 Card Chatter – Christmas Stamp D

D1399 Dream Big Stamp D

D1440 Everlasting Life Stamp D

D1444 A Little Thanks Stamp D

D1492 Christmas Love Stamp D

D1517 Game On Stamp D

D1519 Abundance Stamp D

D1521 Powder Heaven Stamp D

D1523 Sweet Music Stamp D

D1528 Jardin Stamp D

E1010 Chocolate Alphabet Large Stamp E

E1014 Posterboard Alphabet Stamp E

E1015 Cocktail Alphabet Stamp E

E1017 Old World Alphabet Stamp E

E1018 Pennant Alphabet Stamp E

E1019 Bohemian Alphabet Stamp E

E1020 Token Alphabet Stamp E

E1021 Trinity Alphabet Stamp E

E1022 Hero Alphabet Stamp E

E1023 Varsity Alphabet Stamp E

E1024 Keepsake Alphabet Stamp E

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