Velvet Rub-Ons Discontinued Soon

The vendor we use for producing our velvet rub-ons will no longer be supplying these products to us, which means that all velvet rub-ons are now available on a “while supplies last” basis and will be discontinued when our stock is depleted. The products affected by this are:

Z1742 Parlor Velvet Rub-Ons
Z1743 Festive Velvet Rub-Ons (no longer available)
Z1700 Dark Chocolate Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons
Z1733 Black Tapestry Velvet Rub-Ons

We regret this unexpected outage. We anticipate running out within a few days, so if you would like any of these products, we urge you to place your order immediately or rework your project using another accessory.

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