I just love this stuff!  You will see it over and over again on many of my projects.  It comes in many different sizes.  The tip makes it easy to dispense to create dots or lines.  It is very affordable at $2.95 for a bottle.  What an easy way to add sparkle and glitz to any project, and you don’t have the mess of glitter!

Z1769 Almond Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1483 Bronze Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1771 Green Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1770 Pink Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1484 Red Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1482 Silver Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95

Z1313 Stardust Glitter Glitz Gel $2.95


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