“There is a typo in the Artiste booklet for one of the projects. On page 49 of the booklet, the slide box is unable to be cut at the 6.5″ suggestion. The largest that it can be cut at is 5 ¾” using the Fit to Page function. We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Supplies used: K & Company paper, Studio G Glitter Glue, Rangers Cotton Candy Stickles, and

I have really been in the mood of adding glitter glue/stickles lately.  After using a few different kinds, I’ve learned I don’t care for the Studio G Glitter Glue.  It was very difficult to make the dots along the left side of this page and you can tell.  It didn’t want to let go when I lifted the bottle and I would have a stream and then pull up straight hoping that it landed right to make a good circle.  The Stickles was so smooth and easy after this frustration.  I’d say that the CTMH Glitter Glitz is a bit in the middle, usually pretty easy to use too but not quite as slick as the Stickles.