Baby Diaper Cakes for Baby Shower

So I decided to tackle making a diaper cake (2 in this case for twins) and it was definitely not as easy as you would think.  Of course, I didn’t pick a simple round one….  I combined different ideas on Pinterest to come up with my own.  It was a learning process.  I would suggest a simple round cake or at least using a nightgown (without legs).  To make mine, I just rolled the diapers and bound with rubber bands.  Then I stuffed the outfits and tried to form as best I could.  The butts were the hardest part!  For the bottom and the head I opened a diaper, filled to form, and used the tabs to hold it together.  The pacifiers are tucked under this top diaper and then fastened with pins.  I also used hidden safety pins to attached the outfit to the blanket to help hold some of the form.  In the end they turned out okay but I won’t do this again!  It should make a round cake super easy though.  Here are some more pics:

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