These adorable little paper mailboxes hold 3 Hershey's Miniatures.

Mailbox Valentines

I think this will be the last year of Valentines for awhile.  My 5th grader chose to do these mailbox valentines.  We had to adjust our measurements because we used 3 Hershey’s Miniatures for each one.

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Here are the measurements for what we used (all in inches):
Patterned paper = 1.25 x 3 (this is pretty easy to see from the picture)
Cardstock = 1.75 x 3 (the patterned paper is matted on this piece)
Cardstock (rounded) = 1 x 3.75 (use a corner rounder for all four corners and use for the bottom, back, and open door)
Flag post = 1/8 x 1.5
Flag = heart cut with Art Philosophy at 1/2″

We really struggled to get them to stay together.  First, she used an ATG gun and they didn’t hold (due to the rounding of the paper).  She ended up using scotch tape around the bottom to hold the sides and around the back of the mailbox as well.  We should have just did this from the beginning.  It would have saved a lot of time and adhesive.  It also would have been easier for the kids because she said many of the kids liked her valentines but they had a hard time opening them.  I thought that was funny.  She also used double-sided tape to hold the 3 pieces of candy together.

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