Well, no scrapbook pages to share today.  I am running out of finished layouts and need to get some more done!  I’ve been busy with the usual holiday stuff, including shopping.  Today I checked the door for packages and there was a surprise package for me.  It really shouldn’t have been a surprise but that’s what happens when you’re pregnant…you think my hubby will buy it that I forgot I ordered scrapbooking stuff?!?  Ha!  So on with my surprise package.  It was from Crop Chocolate!  And really there was a lot of surprises in it because I ordered Hot Chocolate (think grab bag) with everything I purchased.  I typically like to know what I am ordering but I have to say “oh, I love everything in there!”  I even like a lot of the surprise stuff even more than what I knew I ordered.  So it was fun and now I am motivated again!  Here’s to hoping I will have one more week of scrapbooking before baby arrives…

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