The cutterpede by EK Success cuts up to 13″ x 15″ when the arm folds out to full extension.  The arm can also be folded in half for easy 6″ cuts and easy 2″ cuts can be made when the arm is folded in.  The cutterpede gives clean, straight cuts.  The blade can be replace and is long-lasting.  Although the cutting mat needs to be replaced fairly often it is inexpensive because it can be rotated and used 4 different ways and the mats are purchased in 2-packs.  I would not recommend using this cutter regularly for photos or heavyweight paper because it wears down the mats too fast.  This was my favorite cutter for a long time because of the clean, straight cutting and because it does not take up much room on my desk.  The arm does not match the cutter because it broke and when I requested a replacement, this is the one that was sent.  I originally purchased a pink Cutterpede from my LSS and it was damaged.  They would not replace it because it came as a package and they didn’t want to send everything back and would only replace the cutter but did not have pink except the ones in the package set.  Bummer for me because that was one of the reasons I bought it (I loved the pink).  So in the end it’s kind of funny that I ended up with a pink arm.


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