I had fun with ribbon on this layout, using it to make an arrow and for a border of ribbon and brads.  The arrow and the circle draw the focus to the reflection in the photos that you may not otherwise notice.

My posts will be as follows until after the holiday season:
Monday – Scrapbooking
Wednesday – Cards
Friday – Altered items/misc.

I made this cute jack-in-the-box paper piecing for a swap.  I have girls and tend to use pink on most of my layouts so this never got used.  You can see below how I used it to make a card.  The paper piecing is very detailed so it was really all I needed and it’s a great kid’s card.

Now that you have your pictures all sorted we need to do something with them.  Your challenge this week is to print some of those photos, or order prints.  There are many online printing places that offer reasonable prices, just watch the shipping.  I print most of my own at home but I often print many at once because it’s just easier that way and then I have them ready to scrap whenever I need them.

Paint cans are lots of fun to alter.  They can hold a wide variety of items and are great for gifts.  They can be purchased at your local hardware store or at a craft store.  I purchased this can at a craft store, decorated it, and filled it with scrapbook supplies for a friend.