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Jubilee Display Frame


Supplies needed for this project:

B1440 My Acrylix™ Fancy Fair
C1582 My Acrylix™ Made from Scratch
X7181B Jubilee Paper Packet
1388 Colonial White Cardstock
Z2130 Indian Corn Blue Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2116 Cranberry Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2162 Honey Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2114 Cocoa Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z1750 Display Tray
Z3004 Jubilee Assortment
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shape:
1 1/2″ Shift+Accent 4 <#> (p. 33)

CTMH Technique Blog Hop – Washi Tape

Welcome to this month’s CTMH Technique Blog Hop.  Throughout this hop you will see creative ways to use one of today’s hot new products – Washi Tape!  If you have already started the hop, you should be coming from Joy McHargue.

Pennant Frame by Wendy Kessler
Supplies used are all Close to My Heart: My Creations Pennant Frame, Smoothie Striped Washi Tape, White Marquee Enamel Shapes, Sparkle Clear Flourishes – Small, and Lollydoodle Paper Packet.

I need to apologize that I don’t quite have my project finished but I didn’t get it done ahead of time and I am just too exhausted to finish.  I think you can get the idea though.  I used Washi Tape to cover the Pennant Frame and I love the look!

Now hop on over to Michelle Loncar!

List of participants:

1. Debi
2. Shirley Ross
3. Sheila Bennett
4. Joy McHargue
5. Wendy Kessler
6. Michelle Loncar
7. Haley Dyer
8. Michelle Battitori
9. Judy Faye Garner
10. Terry Morrow
11. Lisa Plummer

Lollydoodle Pennant Frame Wall Art


Supplies needed for this project:

B1450 My Acrylix™ Owls
E1028 My Acrylix™ Hopscotch Alphabet
X7183B Lollydoodle Paper Packet
X7183C Lollydoodle Complements
Z2193 Cotton Candy Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2197 Pear Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2165 Juniper Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2172 Whisper Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z1941 My Creations™ Pennant Frame
Z3006 Lollydoodle Assortment
Z1930 Chocolate Woodgrain Washi Tape
Z1923 Smoothie Striped Washi Tape
Z1851 Scallop Border Punch

Artiste Collection and Artwork


The Artiste Cricut Collection includes:

  • 1 – Cartridge (700 images; themed projects, cards, font, shapes, and 3-D items)
  • 3 – My Acrylix D-size Stamp Sets
  • 3 – 12″ x 9″ Dimensional Elements in coordinating shapes

These are just a sampling of some of the things you can create with this Collection!

cricut-artiste-gift-boxes(This picture is a sneak peek for the new book so supplies listed below will be available on February 1, 2014)

Supplies needed for this project:

Floral Boxes
1385 White Daisy Cardstock
Z2162 Honey Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2195 Lagoon Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2197 Pear Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z2170 Ruby Exclusive Inks™ Pad
Z1921 Baker’s Twine Neutral Metallic Assortment
Z1754 Sparkles Black & Grey Assortment
Z1918 Teal Shimmer Trim
Z1850 Lagoon Houndstooth Washi Tape
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shapes:
4″ 3D Object <7> (p. 37)
4″ and 5″ 3D Object <8> (p. 38)
1 1/2″ and 2 1/2″ 3D Object <9> (p. 39)
1″ and 1 1/4″ Accent 1 <f> (p. 54)
1″ and 1 1/4″ Shift+Accent 1 <F> (p. 54)
1″, 1 1/4″, and 1 3/4″ Accent 2 <f> (p. 54)
1″ and 1 3/4″ Shift+Accent 2 <F> (p. 54)
3/4″ and 1″ Accent 4 <f> (p. 54)
3/4″, 1″, and 1 1/4″ Shift+Accent 4 <F> (p. 54)


Supplies needed for this project:

X7175B Frosted Paper Packet (or any other paper)
X7173B Babycakes Paper Packet (or any other paper)
1388 Colonial White Cardstock
1292 Crystal Blue Cardstock
Z1891 Base & Bling Teal Jewels
Z1893 Base & Bling Red Jewels
Z1752 Sparkles Clear Assortment
Z280 Natural Hemp (replace with Baker’s Twine Hemp)
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shapes:
3″ and 4½” Accent 1 <d> (p. 53)
3″ and 4½” Shift+Accent 1 <D> (p. 53)
4″ Accent 2 <d> (p. 53)
4″ Shift+Accent 2 <D> (p. 53)
3½” and 4½” Accent 3 <d> (p. 53)
4½” Shift+Accent 3 <D> (p. 53)
3½” Accent 1 <3> (p. 33)
3″ Accent 3 <k> (p. 58)


Supplies needed for this project:

7″ x 5″ It’s Party Time Invitation
Wishes: Keep It Level™
D1536 My Acrylix® Perfect Fit—Frames 2
B1417 My Acrylix® Perfect Fit—Birthday
1272 Cranberry Cardstock
1243 Goldrush Cardstock
X5639 Sweet Leaf Cardstock
X5759 Pacifica Cardstock
1385 White Daisy Cardstock
1386 Black Cardstock
Z2502 Enchantment Exclusive Inks® Mini Pigment Pads Set
Z2501 Adventure Exclusive Inks® Mini Pigment Pads Set
Z1375 Kraft Cardstock
Z1766 Memo Assortment (retired, substitute another embellishment)
Z1751 Baker’s Twine Harvest Assortment
Z1816 Durables Artisan Studs
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shapes:
¾”, 1½”, and 2½” Card <i> (p. 48)
2¼” and 2½” Shift+3D Object <Peace> (p. 80)

Cupcake Liner and Pick
B1417 My Acrylix® Perfect Fit—Birthday
1385 White Daisy Cardstock
1272 Cranberry Cardstock
Z2116 Cranberry Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z2192 Pacifica Exclusive Inks® Pad
44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z1806 Green & Blue Epoxy Bubbles
Z1311 1¼” Circle Punch
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shapes:
¾” Shift+Card <G> (p. 55)
2″ Accent 4 <FthrDay> (p. 75)

Monster Bag
B1419 My Acrylix® Joyful Birthday
X7163B Chantilly Paper Packet (substitute with X7177B Skylark Paper Packet)
X5639 Sweet Leaf Cardstock
1243 Goldrush Cardstock
Z2500 Whimsy Exclusive Inks® Mini Pigment Pads Set
44751 Archival Black Exclusive Inks® Pad
Z1821 Buttons Black Assortment (substitute any)
Z1089 Black Waxy Flax (substitute Black Hemp)
Z1790 Cricut® Artiste Collection
Cricut® Shapes:
3½” Accent 2 <6> (p. 36)
5½” Shift+Accent 1 <R> (p. 44)
½”, ¾”, and 1″ Card <i> (p. 48)
5″ 3D Object <FthrDay> (p. 75)
5″ and 5½” Shift+Accent 1 <Boo> (p. 77)

Embellished Burlap Bags – Video

Easy to embellish and super useful, the burlap drawstring bags from Close To My Heart are the perfect packaging for small gifts, fun party favors, and fancy place cards at the dinner table. Watch the video for ideas on how to stitch them, stuff them, and show them off.

Featured items used in this video:
Z1872 My Creations Burlap Drawstring Bags
Z679 Liquid Glass
Z1844 Color-Ready Trinket Wooden Shapes
Z1808 Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon