Organizing Cardstock & Scraps

I think I finally have a system in place that I love.  I used to use these Cropper Hopper Scrap Storage envelopes and had one for each color family.  After seeing Jennifer Payami’s system on Pinterest I decided to update mine.  I use only Close to My Heart cardstock now.  It’s simpler because I am familiar with the colors and I love the weight and white core.  Here’s how it turned out:

I cut the labels for the front of the boxes out of my CTMH Idea Book.  For the most part each group fits in a box.  One or two are a bit tight but I’m stocked up on cardstock now so that will change as I use some of it up.  The basic colors (not pictured) take up two boxes because I have more of those and I have one scrap storage envelope for each color.  For the rest (seen above), I have two colors in each scrap storage envelope with the color separated with a divider.  So the scraps for the first color are kept in the front pocket and scraps for the second color are kept in the back pocket.  Scraps larger than 6×12 are kept in the front of that color.

Here’s a picture of the labels:

With the new arrangement of CTMH colors it was difficult at times to see which color was which with similar ones right next to each other (and they are stored in the corner of my room with not as much light).  This system has solved that problem.  Before I would still have to dig for scraps because I only had them separated by color family.  Now with each color in it’s own place it is very quick and easy to find exactly what I need!  Dh saw what I was doing and said it looked too organized…what’s that!?! 🙂

If you are thinking about doing something like this, they often go on sale at Joann’s.  You can see them well on Amazon.  They come 3 to a pack.  The larger holders and dividers are sold separately.


  1. Jennifer Payami Says:

    WOW!!! That looks AWESOME!!

  2. Romaine Says:

    Brilliant, Wendy! Mine have NO organization- I asked Nikka to put me last as I hope to have my storage set up in my room by then! Now, mine might be a replica of yours ;0)!

  3. Dana H Says:

    LOVE your organization!!

  4. Debbie Says:

    I love your idea and would like to try it for my paper. I can’t find the scrap storage envelopes that you mention to separate the colors. Are they called somthing else?

  5. Wendy Says:

    I’ve updated the links again but if they become outdated again, the organizers are by Cropper Hopper. The are simply called “Paper Holders” and “Dividers” or “Tabbed Dividers”.

  6. Sandy Says:

    I use page protectors to store scraps separated by color. I find this to be way cheaper.

  7. Charlene Danks Says:

    I have only been card making for 6 months and have tried and tried to find better ways to organise my ever increasing card stock etc. I saw your picture on Pininterest and knew immediately this was for me. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in finding anything like your system. I live in Wales, UK and could not afford to order from the U.S. and so I had to improvise. I do not scrapbook and so most of my card stock is A4 in size. I found online some relatively inexpensive A4 clear plastic wallets and started to put my cards in these but when I put them on the shelf they took up loads of space due to the poppers and so I started again and took off the poppers which did take quite a long time and have damaged the folders but it was the best I could do. I then placed acetate in the front and have put the scraps in the front so that I can get the most out of my card stock as I mostly make charity cards from my own pocket and if I have any expensive card stock and very small pieces that I know I can still use I have put these in small clear plastic bags and have also put them in the front. I did have all of my scraps in a folder but this got out of hand. I was amazed how little room has been taken up by this. At present I have 100 wallets and it has not even taken up one shelf. Where I do not have a lot of stock I have doubled up using both sides where I could but in colour coordination. I do not have the magazine holders like you do and so I have just used a book rest to keep them upright and hopefully the cards will not bend and get damaged. Where I have a lot of one colour I have put the bulk in clear boxes which I can easily see. My craft room is tiny and so I have them in a landscape position so that I can get more out of my bookcase. I still have a fair way to go but I now have an idea what stock I have as I used to get very stressed and frustrated looking for a particular piece of card and they were also getting damaged taking them in and out of the drawers when searching. After I have completed this I am going to have to look at finding a way to store my ever increasing stamp sets. I cannot put any shelves up due to the type of walls we have and so another idea I have is to make a storage hanger out of strong material to put things like my cans of spray glue in, my die cutting plates, etc in purpose made sleeves so that I can easily see everything. Thanks for posting your idea!

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